Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday 03/14

Good morning from H-town.  Luke is continuing with chemo sometime today, he had an "off" day yesterday, no chemo just antibiotics and pills.  He slept most of the day and slowly returned texts and emails---if you didn't hear from him, and it is urgent, feel free to reach out to any of the family, if he's napping he'll get to it eventually. 

The always awesome, Mr. Michael Hannon, came to visit which seemed to perk Luke up.  His runner-up mom, Traci, also stopped by, which always makes Luke smile.    

We watched the announcement from the conclave in the Vatican, Luke decided that if left up to him, the papal name would've been Boris----it is also a great name (the Boris part, not Pope) for a new rescue dog (hint hint hint Dad).   

The news this morning is that Luke should be (fingers crossed) discharged tomorrow!!!!  He will have to be back at MDA every other day for chemo, but there is nothing better than being in your own bed and getting rid of beeping machines and blood draws at 4am.

Loads of gratitude for all of your love and support!  In addition to everything that you do for Luke, MDA is always in need of blood---please donate at an MDA facility, there are two in the medical center (MD Anderson - How/Where You Can Donate Blood). 
The Novick Fam


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