Friday, January 17, 2014

Day +38

Sorry for no blog for a while!!

After a long couple weeks things are starting to look so much better for Luke!  Yesterday he had a repeat ultrasound to see how his liver has been doing and the docs were very excited to announce the flow through his liver is back to normal and headed in the right direction.  His spleen was still a bit full of fluid but this should get better as the liver continues to heal.  The fluid in his belly is getting better and the docs are starting to talk about taking out his abdominal drain.

The treatment for the liver is a total of 3 weeks at methodist on this special drug- hard to believe Luke has already been here 1.5 weeks so only 1.5 more to go!  Baring no further bumps in the road Luke can likely go home straight from here or if Methodist does not feel he is ready he could go back to MD Anderson.  Luke is now only on Albumin/Lasix during the day which makes for a much more restful night as far as bathroom trips. His liver enzymes are now completely normal and his bilirubin is almost there too!

Luke is a bit better every day as far as energy, motivation and appetite (although still not much appetite).  We try and take advantage of every opportunity to give him spoonfuls of peanut butter or mac and cheese- the idea of good nutrition has gone out the window and we are in calorie mode!!

Adri is coming in tonight and we are hoping this gives Luke a bit of motivation!  Beth and I are also in town for the weekend although our faces do not get the same excited response as Adri's face does.

Super exciting blessings around these parts!  God is good!  Please continue to keep Luke in your thoughts and prayers and if you get a chance read Psalm 3...from the very beginning Luke has told me this was his "transplant jam" and seems very fitting!!


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