Friday, February 14, 2014

Transplant + 76 Days

It will be two weeks tomorrow that Luke was discharged and 76 days since transplant.  The word that best describes the past two weeks is “fatigue”.  Not much stamina but with each day he is getting stronger. 

Each of the past 2 weeks he has taken 3 morning excursions to MDA for labs, transfusions and IV fluids.  His cratine was running high probably due to one of his medications, so he got a couple liters of IV fluids Monday.  His white counts were low so he received nupogin.  After getting the nupogin his white counts came back to the detriment of platelets and hemoglobin.  Needless to say it’s a balancing act.

Luke is getting the proverbial boat load of meds.  There are 15-20 pills morning and night and additional in between.  Headaches are a reoccurring problem.  A common side effect of The Tacrolimus he takes for GVHD is a headache.  A couple of nights the head as bad enough require a visit to the porcelain throne.

Overall Luke is doing very well.  Dr. Worth, his transplant doctor is happy on all fronts.  Favorable news this week was Luke has 100% transplant cells - Kendall’s cells have has seized control of his body (the effect on his mind has yet to be determined).    The next big step in Luke’s treatment is the t-cell clinical trial.  They took t-cells from Kendall and genetically modified them to attack a protein on cancer cells.  T-cell delivery will be a week from next Monday.    

The steel pedal and guitar are starting to see more action.  His appetite is coming back ok.  The need to sleep often overpowers the need to eat though.  His diet is still restricted, no fresh fruits or vegetables        

Visitors are welcome.  There was a welcoming committee of the Curtins, Parmers, Youngs, Hopkins, Eric and Buffy greeting Luke in the driveway upon his discharge from MDA.  Julie and Kevin, Francis and the cousins have stopped by.  Luke still needs to stay away from crowds and when he travels to MDA or is outside the house he wears a mask and gloves. 
Currently the only one complaining at all about having Luke home is Traveler.  Seems in Luke's absence he assumed care, custody and control of the couch and now has competition from Luke.   
FYI a reoccurring muttering heard from Luke’s lips has been “when does mudbug season start”?

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