Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26th 5:AM CST

Luke was at MDA Friday (June 21) for blood work and received platelets. He got home around 2 pm, had dinner, he spiked a temperature and was in the ER at 10 PM. He’s been in MDA since. Temperature has been up and down. Blood counts still don’t appear to have bottomed out. Since Monday a week ago he has last received +12 units of blood and platelets.

White count is non-existent which makes infection is a big concern. Sunday he was experiencing chest pains. X-ray on admission showed pneumonia. A CT Monday night seemed to show a fungal infection. Luke has been on antibiotics since starting chemo. He got a isit from the infectious disease team late yesterday. Fungus can be a problem to treat so today they are going to put Luke under and get a sample of what is growing in his lungs to know what they are dealing with.  Luke will be resident at MDA for the rest of the week.

Computer is back from Apple so he is able to email and Face Book. Stop by and say hello if you are on line.


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