Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update June 19th

Luke got to repeat the cyclophosamide and erwinia routine last week.  He was admitted Wednesday and was discharged Friday.  Instead of pushing the erwinia they gave it IV which seemed to help with the nausea.    

As expected his blood counts the proverbial rock.  He got a unit of platelets last Friday before being discharged.  Counts on Monday were abysmal.  White count was non-existent and platelets were way down.  Can't do much about the low white count but and he received a unit of  platelets.  Today (Wednesday) at clinic counts were still low so the blood goddess approved a unit of platelets and two units of blood should be prescribed as nectar.  Unfortunately the blood fairies did not start transfusing until after 1 PM.  Given the option of staying late or coming back down tomorrow Luke opted for staying late so he will be an MDA resident until at least 8 tonight.  He's back in for labs on Friday....expect he will need another unit of the red stuff or the chicken soup.  

Next round of chemo won't be until he recovers fully from the latest event.  Expectation is that will be another 2 weeks.  Who knows maybe with the break Luke will fell well enough for an evening at Rudy's or Genuwine!  He could use the break and the diversion.

That's the latest.  Waiting to see how quickly blood counts bounce back and hoping no infection sets in requiring another residency stay at MDA.

By the way,  Luke's computer is back with Apple to replace the logic board so he is without his primary tool for communication.  Try texting or calling - I know he appreciates hearing from anyone other than parental voices asking "how do your feel, did you take your medicine, are you drinking!"      

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