Friday, May 1, 2015

T-cells next

Luke had his final round of lymphodepleting chemotherapy.  Purpose was to kill off his white blood so there is less competition for the CART cells.  Monday is and off day.  Tuesday he will get baselined for his t-cell infusion.  He's apparently been a topic of discussion at the weekly call the clinical trial team because he had this leukemic tumors and leukemia showing up in his bone tissue.  Along with doing a basic physical he is going to get a CT and MRI.  

Wednesday is t-cell induction. day.  It's all done by infusion through his port.  After infusion it's wait ans see.  They want to see him daily for the first four days and then two to three times a week for a month.  
After infusion they will be watching for cytokine release syndrome when the CART cells go hyper and put the body in shock with a high temperature.  Dr. Myers has said addressing CRS can be handled but depending on the patient it can get hairy

Luke is doing ok.  Chemo doses were moderate so he did not have nausea issues.  Major issues are just being tired and joint pain.  Eating and sleeping well.  

Big day Wednesday.

Luke Feukemia

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