Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday evening January 30

Everyone, Luke is doing good this evening. Was able to shower after his chemo and eat a little tonight. Has even had had a little to eat. He did commet that the MDA cheesecake did not compare to home. The good news today was was he does not have the "high risk" chromsome.

Passing along a shot of Luke and his tubular maze and with Kendall his personal nurse. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.

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  1. Hey, guys, you both look great! And the call light, I am so not surprised! Hopefully, this comment will be "successful." I have been following everything, but am just now trying to figure out how to comment.

    Lucas, my favorite nephew in the whole world -- even if I had thousands of nephews, -- I love you very, very much, and just keep your gifts of strength and your humor, and all will be well on your road to regaining your health.

    And, while shy to admit this -- I, up to this point, have been a virgin at blogging -- whoops! Oh, well!

    I am with you in spirit and think of you constantly.

    Aunt Jaquita (never did know how to spell that!)