Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a few updates....

Hi All...So given the amazing showing of love and support our family has recieved, the sisters (with Luke's permission) decided it would be best to start a blog to keep everyone updated. I'll go ahead and throw it out there that none of us have ever done this before and we will not claim to be anywhere near the writer that Luke is. We promise to do our best to keep it current.

A little background as to the title, in case you don't know Luke, everything that is dumb to him he calls an asshat, and I mean everything from a friend, sister, and even Bailey our dog.

Here is the latest....

Luke met with the doctors this afternoon at MD Anderson. Following some blood work he was admitted to the hospital. His blood work was consistent with the original diagnosis of ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Tomorrow he will have some more tests done, these will give the doctors a better idea of exactly what we are up against. He will also have his pic line inserted which will be used to deliver his chemo which will start tomorrow as well. The first week or so of chemo will require him to be an inpatient, if all goes well he will be allowed to leave and continue treatment as an outpatient.

I just spoke with him on the phone and his biggest complant was being in the pediatric wing, I believe his exact words were "gay colors and arbitary shapes on the walls." He loves hearing from all of you and has mentioned that he is very excited to see those of you who have promised to stop by, so please do!

We are thankful for all your thoughts, prayers, emails, etc., please keep them coming!


  1. Hey guys I just want to thank you and say I love you all and i speak for my family when we all say we love you all, and we wish Luke the best I will check this page daily and will tell the rest of my family about it. I love you guys.


  2. we're all praying for you. i'm only 1 and 11 months, but i've got the "dear od" part down pretty well these days. i'm working on your name and should have that down by tomorrow. lots of love from california

  3. Thanks for starting this blog. I love y'all tons, and there's even a small "fanbase" starting for Luke up here in Canada :)
    I laughed at the pediatric description. Sounds pretty legit- hopefully he won't have to spend much time in there anyway. All the best to Luke & his familia- you're in my thoughts!