Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I got into town yesterday and Luke got his port today and was admitted afterward to start his chemo. His port is "accessed" and working well he is having a bit of shoulder pain on the side where he got his port and a little headache but other than that he is doing well.

He starts another round of the "tough stuff" tonight so this time next week his counts should be way down and he may need another round of blood. He is literally bored out of his mind so if anyone has any amazing ideas on how to keep him occupied please let us know :)

He is being a trooper but is bothered by every beep of the IV pumps and monitors! We just got to his room for the night so are settling in for some good sleep (yeah right!) and chemo. We will just have one dose of chemo and an MRI tomorrow (to take a good look at his head since his headaches have been so bad) and then should be heading home as long as he is doing well!

Will be in touch
Love ya'll


  1. Well, I don't know what sort of gaming systems y'all have available, but when I got home to Missouri for Spring Break, Mikey had gotten an XBOX 360. I made the mistake of renting Fable II and then didn't get any of my homework done because the game ate my life.

    So, yeah, I think Fable I (XBox & XBox 360) and II (XBox 360) are both available on those systems and computers. If you're into RPGs at all, they're amazing.

    Hulu.com has many movies and tv shows on it.

    You can find a lot of movies at:

    And then, of course, there's addictinggames.com, but that one's sort of a given.

    I'll keep thinking on it and ask some of my friends around here if they have any suggestions.



  2. I can attest to the fact that while Loghann and Dom were home on spring break for TWO weeks, the first one up and out of bed immediately grabbed a controller for the XBOX and started playing that Fable game. They remained that way until I arrived home from work each evening. Unbelievable. Personally, I could not sit that long. Their college-aged wisdom/excuse for not allowing Mikey to participate much was, "well, he gets to do it all the time and we're only here for two weeks." (Sorry, Loggie -- just kidding!)

    I think you should seriously have an Easter egg decorating contest. Could spend hours doing this.

    I'm going to check flights to see about coming May 30th for the blood drive.

    Love you all mucho
    Especially my Bud!
    Aunt Jacquita