Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30

Luke was discharged around noon. Doctor said he was on the fence on whether to discharge Luke. Luke physically shoved him and he fell on the side of the fence for discharging.

Last night was rough. At 2 AM Luke was called to the porcelain altar to mix his digestive juices and fluids with the waters of the commode. The mixing with waters lasted a couple of hours until they were able to get some IV drugs into him that knocked him out.

After two units of blood Saturday hemoglobin came up but still well below normal levels. Platelets continue to drop. Luke needs to take a trip to MDA on Tuesday to donate a blood sample for platelets to be checked.

On the positive front Luke had sent these pictures to Steven Spielberg. Stevo expressed some real interest in Luke heading up the modeling for his upcoming WW II epic.

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