Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19

Luke got the full kick you in the ass treatment today. Included was chemo via spinal injection, IV and oral. As Kenz said in the last posting this combination of chemo drops his blood counts very rapidly. Before Luke got chemo today Dr Wells told him to expect to come in for blood one or two times over the next few weeks,

Chemo took all day, did not get back until 7. The one chemo Luke got required that he get saline via IV for six hours to be sure his renal system was flushed. He gets chemo injection for the next three days but that's done a home.

Luke is now,and and will probably be for the rest of the week, on the couch in the prone position. Hoping that the nausea meds he has will keep the ralphing at bay. On the bright side, after this phase is over chemo will be a much less intensive.

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  1. Dave, as always, thanks so much for the update.

    Luke, I'm here (and there in spirit) for you, babe. Hopefully, this will be the home stretch, right? With your increased girth (?), I'm thinking you will get this ass hat kicked, once and for all!

    Loving you much, as ever, in Missouri

    Aunt Jacquita