Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New chemo

Luke will start his new phase of treatment in the morning. His pain continued throughout the weekend and with so many concerned medical professionals in the family (if you can consider my mom and me that ;) ) they went to get his counts done today. His Hemoglobin was lower than last week so he received some blood (thanks to those who have donated!!) but the rest of his counts were high enough for him to start chemo in the morning. Although he was hoping for one more week off this is one step closer to heading back to school!

My dad has filled everyone in on what this last round entails but what Luke will need right now is LOTS of encouragement as all his friends are heading back to school and his body is tired and worn out and not bouncing back as quickly as it did 6 months ago. As he gets hit hard again (this chemo + one new one, caused him to be VERY sick last time) it will take him more time to feel "better" again. Any words of wisdom, prayers, texts, e-mails or visits you can manage are more than welcome and much appreciated. This chemo caused his counts to get EXTREMELY low last time but we will let you guys know if there is a reason to not visit. Please keep Luke in your thoughts and prayers as he battles such a huge enemy!

Feel free to e-mail any of us for questions or any updates on a daily basis as I know we are not always good about posting daily! You have no idea what your support means to all of us!
Love you all


  1. Luke,
    I’m digging the glasses; I think there are some pictures around of your Dad in the same style! Sounds like you are getting ready for a marathon of treatment. You have shown this blasted disease who is boss and I have no doubt that you will continue to kick the asshat the heck out of Texas. Stay strong, lots of folks at St. Agnes have you in their prayers. Ann Dunn who lives up that street asked how you were doing (she was in Dave’s class at Miege) just last Sunday.
    How did the model turn out? Post a pic when you have a chance.
    Take care buddy!

  2. Luke - Kendall is correct! If you had a white shirt on and plastic pocket protector, you would like one of the NASA engineers trying to fit the square peg in the round hole in the movie! Seriously. However, you look much better doing it!

    Love you babe.