Saturday, March 28, 2009


Luke is sleeping the day away with the help of pain medication for his headaches. Both "the parentals" have been with him and are providing frequent updates. He has been feeling a bit better when he is up but the lumbar punctures (spinal taps) are doing a number on him and they are essentially causing alot of irritation and inflammation of the lining of his brain and spinal cord which gives him a pretty gnarly spinal headache. He spiked another temperature last night but his blood cultures are still negative at this time.
His morning labs looked a bit better with more white blood cells and greater blood levels in general after getting his blood yesterday. He has to be fever free for 24hours before they will let him come back keep up the prayers FEVER FREE!!


  1. FEVER FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!! :) get better luke and fight that fever so you can go home!

  2. Hey, babe. It's obviously a tough road to hoe. But I know you can do it-- you can do anything you set your mind to doing. Push through all of this and go on to the next step of regaining your health, as I know you can and will.

    Mucho love from Missouri

    Aunt Jacquita

  3. Hang in there, Luke. You're in my thoughts.

    Love you, miss you,


  4. Infection= a television
    Lucas= a hammer

    Infection + Lucas= no match.

    Keep on fighting man! Know that your in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, depending on how our next few games go, I'll be able to make it down there in a few weeks!