Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi all-
Since Luke cant have visitors try and send him messages on here, on his facebook page, or using that MD Anderson site from when he was first in the hospital ( this is where you can type him a message and it gets hand delivered to his room. Even if you are a friend of "the parents" as he calls them it is so nice for him to have encouragement and such a vital time in his illness.
Someone will update with any and all news as it comes in!!

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  1. Hey, I'm a stranger. Yet, in reality, should we ever see someone as a stranger- or ought we see them as someone that is full of future possibility? You don't know me, I don't know you. I care, and I support you. There is a book that came to mind, something that might not at first seem purposeful, and may potentially be shocking, nevertheless- I think it's something that could serve you immensily. It's called 'Man's Search for Meaning'- by Victor Frankl. I'm not just throwing it out there as a side comment, I'm suggesting it as something that you should take serious consideration in reading.

    I do not know what it means to be in your eyes, and see life through your perceptions. Yet, I do think that there is a Truth that we are seeking, and that is why I decided to share this with you. I don't want to presuppose your emotional state, or views. But I do want to deposit here, that I suggest to you- to never think of death as forbodding, for in reality, you will never experience, it. As in the story of Ivan Ilyich by Tolstoy- be aware of the immense beauty, of what you are experiencing, and allow yourself to realize that fear only holds you back from experiencing what you truly do have- once you realize that you're alive and full of choice- of the ability to live life in the way that you think life ought to be lived, then you cannot feel purposless- do not fear. For fear is not real, unless you give it the power to act as a strong illusion, one that keeps you from reality.

    Even if, it seems at first glance, or possibly, through agonizing circles of questions in your mind, I would say that even though things appear one way- it is quite possible that you are fully able to live life in a way that you find compeltely meaninful and interesting, and in that way which you find is 'to live life right'. It's just going to be a matter of drive and perspective, live through all odds, in the Now. Laugh when laughing feels real, cry, if crying feels real- yet remember that to adhere to fear- or even to pretend that you do not feel something that you really do feel- is only giving power to that thing, and it is that which will hide from you you your true senses- of your true self. I hope that all of this was meaningful to you.

    P.s. This isn't necessarily derived from the book, it is an accumulation of ideas, and of experiences.