Monday, March 23, 2009

Update March 23

There is not much to report. Luke finished his second round of Cytarabine on Saturday. He is tired, has no appetite and is battling headaches and some nausea. Believe it or not though, he still has a full head of hair.

Luke has a clinic appointment on Wednesday. Depending on his lab results he may need more blood. On the chemo menu this week is Mercaptopurine, PEG-asparaginase, methotrexsate and Vincristine (we will have to wait to see what his labs look like to see if he gets the full chemo menu).

Terrance and Enid returned to Miami on Friday. Kate returned to school on Sunday. Francis stopped by Saturday and Megan is in town for her spring break this week. Aunt Mimi and cousin Callie are on he way in from Denver for a visit. Luke enjoys visitors but it wears him out. I took a long ride with Luke on Sunday, we had no destination, just picked a direction and drove. Other than his "yaking" on the way home it was a good adventure.

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