Friday, March 27, 2009


I dont know a ton of details but Luke is with my parents in the Emergency department at MD Anderson after spiking a temperature over night. He also has some nausea and a headache (both of which he has had prior to the fever). They drew some labs and we are just waiting on what the docs have to say about the labs.
When Luke was first diagnosed Dr. Wells (his head doctor) made sure to let us know that it is not "if" Luke gets an infection but "when" and that our family and most importantly, Luke, would become VERY familiar with the MD Anderson ER. One of the most important things in a patient getting chemo that knocks down your immune system so much is to come straight to the ER if there is a fever!
As we get more details someone will check in!
Keep Luke and his strength in your prayers...he is getting tired of that place!!
He looks at this site too so either on here or on the facebook page leave him a message!!
Love you all


  1. Luke, you keep giving it your all buddy. There are so many people that have you in their thoughts and prayers. Get the fever down and get the hell out of there!

    Take care buddy, love PJ

  2. Praying for you