Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just waiting on a doc

Luke has had an up and down day. The morning started off rough with a pretty bad headache and he wore himself out after taking a shower and changing clothes so he slept until this afternoon. After some "caffeine in a bag" through his IV his headache got a bit better and he was up and chatting for a while. The leukemia docs have exhausted all of their efforts at this point so they have called for a brain specialist (neurologist) to come in and see Luke, especially since there is a family history of migraines. Apparently this doc is the "headache guy". His CT was negative THANK YOU JESUS!! So we will see what the neurology doctor says about the headaches. Luke gets pretty disoriented at times because of all the medications he is taking to control the pain, he has been frustrated that he keeps losing days and feels a day or two behind most of the time. He was actually able to stomache some Chik Fil-A this afternoon and then fell back asleep this evening.

He has really enjyed reading all of the letters and posts online when he is awake. He has IV chemo tomorrow but they are going to hold off on the lumbar puncture for now and make it up at a later date. It seems like it is just baby steps at this point...we will continue to keep you all posted, thanks so much for all the kind words and prayers, they are much needed!

PS We are scheduling a blood drive in Luke's name that will most likely be at the end of May so remember if you are going to donate blood now you can only give every 56 days and we want EVERYONE to come out for the one in May! I will keep you updated on when that will be!

Love you all


  1. i get back on may 17th, i hope will make the blood drive

  2. Hey, babe. Please know I have possession of a replica asshat, and am kicking the heck out of it on a daily basis on your behalf. There's actually not much left of it at this point. It's working quite well for me, actually. Hoping soon you will feel the full effects of my efforts. I'm going to be sending you something for your listening pleasure -- so watch out for it.

    Love you mucho,
    Aunt Jacquita

  3. please let us know the date for the blood drive. Also, Timmy, up in New York, was asking if there was some way he could donate up there, and have Luke get credit down here. If you know of anything, let us know.
    The Careys