Monday, February 9, 2009

MD Anderson ______ Center

Hi All...So I'm back on the west coast, not in San Francisco but in Portland, my home away from my San Francisco home these days. Dad is right, I counted the number of days I've spent in my own bed since I went home for Christmas and its 7. Crazy. People ask me where I live and I've started saying my clothing and posessions live in San Francisco, I live in a random hotel room at any major city on the west coast.

Kendall kind of beat me to it, but yesterday as I was packing up my suitcase Luke was sitting in the kitchen eating lunch #1 (lunch #2 came on the way to the airport in the form of Chick-Fil-A). I came in and sat on the kitchen counter and we were talking about music and his new obsession with food when he reached across and pulled out a sharpie and proceeded to scribble through the word cancer on his hospital bracelets. So now they all read MD Anderson _______ Center. He said he didn't want to see it and didn't want to identify with it because it wasn't going to be around much longer.

I'm so proud of him and cannot imagine being as strong or as brave as he is. Thank you all again for all of the support and kindness you have shown our family. I will be back in TX soon!

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  1. Does this mean he's actually gained weight?