Friday, February 13, 2009

Update Friday 13

We had great news today. Luke is responding well to chemo. After 2 weeks of chemo bone marrow has gone from 91% blast cells (the bad guys) to 2%. The Docs would have been pleased with him getting to 10% blast cells. We won't get all the results back form the bone marrow until Monday but so far so good.

Along with bone marrow blood work was ok. Red blood cells did drop from the chemo but not to the point where he needs a transfusion.

Stomach is a little queasy after chemo but Luke is hanging in there. The afternoon was spent trying to beat the Wii version of the Godfather. He claims be was just about there and the game froze. Don't now if I believe that, but at this point will give him the benefit o the doubt.


  1. SOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! It'll keep improving. I love you!

  2. Luke, Hi babe! So happy to hear the wonderful news of your test results. You are on my mind every moment so, hopefully, you can "feel" me there with you urging you on in your progress to regain your health.

    Love you a bunch.

    Aunt Jaquita