Monday, February 2, 2009

So its Monday around lunch time. Kendall I just got to the hospital and Luke is doing great. Everyone has their laptops out, Luke is watching a ridiculous music video, Empire of the Sun, (thanks to cousin Pete). Kendall is trying to get some school work done and I'll be working on some BrainLAB never ends.

Luke is doing really well today, he is getting the drug anti-asperaginase which has the potential to cause some icky reactions, but so far we've seen none of that. And, for the super good news (cross your fingers!) the staff brought in some discharge papers and if all goes well today and tonight he can go home tomorrow around lunchtime....woohoo! He will be able to continue his treatment as an outpatient which means multiple trips down to MDA each week, if he should get a fever he would have to be readmitted to the hospital.

Mom and I spent most of the day Sunday at MDA with Luke. He was given some blood because his hemoglobin count was low, with the transfusion they gave him some benadryl so he was out most of the day. Father Bravo from Strake came in and spent some time with all of us which was fantastic. His other visitors of the day were Braden, Britt Cotter and the Halbe's (Megan's parents). Megan sent a walrus (see picture) and it hasn't left his side yet. I know my Dad wrote that the first thing the he does is check for messages and check his blog, and it is true. If you are reading the blog there is a link at the end of every entry for comments, please leave them, we all love reading them. I also encourage everyone to write to him about what is going on in your life (aside from wishing him the best) and don't be afraid to ask him questions about his treatment.
Keep your fingers crossed that today continues to go well and Luke gets to go home tomorrow! He just walked back into his room from his stroll around the unit and I can tell that he is feeling much better, the guitar is now out of its case for the first time since he's been here. It is concert time.


  1. Hi, honey! I am thrilled to hear that you are probably going home tomorrow. Wonderful news. How's the appetite? Wondered if there was anything special you might be craving. I know a few centuries ago when I was a long-term inpatient in the peds unit at St. Luke's I craved, of all things, pears.

    Mikey and I are moving this Friday. Just a little bit west of where we currently reside. We are enjoying all the packing, sorting, etc., as you can well imagine. If our number changes, I'll be certain to pass it along to everyone.

    You look great. I'm thankful your guitar is being played, too. I told Loggie the other day that this whole process will probably serve to supply you with new material for your music for quite some time.

    Love you, honey.


  2. Hey man its phirrip your one and only half asian ( or let's at least pretend im the only one in your life). been thinkin about you and those crazy times we had in the new yorker. such as the crazy subway rides and awkward men wrestling... haha well if you remember or not, last year when you played at the spring fling, i told you that you had inspired me to pick up guitar, so i finally got around to it and hopefully i will someday be as good as you. hope things are getting better got my fingers crossed for you to journey home

    phirrip denkwer

  3. I just wanted to say that phillip sucks and I'm better than him

  4. Heyola buddy. Sincerely hope you get checked out tomorrow. I'm sure the gay colors and arbitrary shapes are getting old.

    I just uncovered a lot of old videos I recorded like sophomore year. I'm uploading them whenever I get free time on FB, so keep checking in on them.

    God bless always. I love you.

    In His name,
    ~Michael Hannon
    ~Kairos XXVI & XXXI

    Is there a medical reason that you can't shave right now, or is that just an attempt at a new look? Maybe we can put together a care package with a razor for you...

  5. It was great seeing you this weekend! Hopefully I can make another trip as soon as I get another chance. My knee is about ready to play, hopefully I'm not taking a road trip to Nashville this weekend to be a spectator. Once again it was great seeing you I'll pray that next time I only have to drive to my second house in Houston to chill!

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  7. okay so i just wrote like a novel of a comment and then it said error. i'm really not the best at this stuff...sooo i will try again.
    i've been attempting the guitar and let me tell you, you've got to be a freakin genius to play that thing. twinkle twinkle is about as much as i can "shred"
    umm i hope that your visitors bring you lots of peanut bars because i distinctly remember (though most of that weekend is a haze) that at every gas station you picked one up.
    other key west random-ocities:
    ZAPPA in the front seat of the silver bullet
    losing the keys to the silver bullet
    leaving at um....yes 3am.
    stopping to buy a lighter at 5 am
    me attempting to swim with the boats (bad idea)
    here's a great idea to help you pass the time: you can write a jingle about MD anderson adn maybe they'll like it so much that they'll cover all your medical bills! it's worth a try!
    alright. i'm sorry this is rather random and ramble-y, but that's how i operate. hang in there pally wal.

    I'm glad! and I'm glad your anti-asparagus medicine is working (because that's totally what it sounds like). I hope you are doing WONDERFULLY and getting to see lots of friends from home. we miss you like crazy, and I'm on hot tub sabbatical in your honor.
    looking forward to hearing how outpatient goes. fingers crossed and prayers said :) love you times a thousand

    love, erin

  9. p.s. the colors there look WAY cuter than that f***ing painting at Baptist or whatever it's called

  10. LUKE great news on the possibility of going home. im sure you are ready to escape the pediatric ward.The nurses will really miss your sense of humor im sure. ILL GIVE YOU A CALL WHEN YOU GET HOME. LOVE YOU BROTHER UNCLE STEVE