Thursday, February 5, 2009

MDA Clinic February 4

Luke had a scheduled visit to the MDA clinic yesterday. His body is responding to the chemo as expected. There were no surprises with his lab work. Red cells are holding in there so no transfusion was needed. Platelets went up a little. So far high blood sugar is not a problem.

Friday is chemo day. First appointment is at 7:15. He gets his second injection in the spinal column, which they will knock him out for, and then an IV cocktail.

Overall Luke is doing fine. The prednisone has quite an effect on his appetite. He will have a meal and an hour later be craving food. To occupy his time and fight the boredom during the day we went to Hobby Lobby and he picked up a couple of plastic model kits to put together. He also has an standing offer from one of his friends to pull out the old K'nex sets and build the giant ferris wheel. Last night Matt Cooper came up from UH and he and Luke had a good visit.

Brandt curtain dropped by a basket from the LWF swim team. Thank you LWF swim team for thinking of Luke. He has his first dew-rag

The family also wants to thank the friends and neighbors who are helping us out with meals. The help is much appreciated, especially now when we are trying to settle into a routine.

An update on Kendall's "need for speed" when traveling I-70. She got back to Denver without incident or a another ticket.


  1. IV cocktail? shaken or stirred?
    i had the solar-powered knex ferris wheel. It was the hi-light of fourth grade.
    This blog has become my new in-class distraction. So glad to hear that everything is going well.
    You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers, especially at MASS this sunday. We now have about 20 students attending the mass that will be offered in Luke's honor.
    take care

  2. Hi Luke. Glad to know you're tolerating the chemo so far, & that you're back home. Saw your parents yesterday- how did you ever get your Mom to leave your side?!
    If you'd like a job, my 12-yr-old son Josh needs a guitar instructor. He taught himself some basic chords, but has now plateaud. If you're ever interested, tell your Mom to call me.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    jennifer marrero