Monday, February 9, 2009

Talking to Luke...

I called home to see what was going on and Luke didn't want to talk about what he did but rather about what he ate....

Breakfast: "epic" scrambled eggs, with cheese and bacon and toast
Lunch: Freebirds - the "Monster" (all you Texans know the size of this) with a spinach tortilla, black beans, rice, steak, jack/cheddar mix cheese, pico, lettuce, mild and hot sauce, sour cream, red onions, mixed veggies, queso, ranch, and guacamole
Dinner: burger, beans, brocolli

And yet to be eaten, a midnight snack of leftover burrito.

He also mentioned that he and his friend John finished the K'Nex giant ball factory (picture to be added soon) and he made a trip to Barnes & Noble to buy some non-fiction books, apparently he doesn't read fiction.


  1. I love Freebirds!!

    And I will agree that fiction is getting kind of ridiculous these days!!

    I find the whole crossing out the word cancer thing really inspiring. Keep up the good attitude Luke!! You'll beat this, I know you will!! :)
    -Katie Caravantes

  2. Hi Luke, you must be a sight to see when you're pigging out. It's hard to imagine you with a round face.
    Worked with your Mom yesterday, & we wished we could have gone to Freebirds, too.
    I'm so glad to know you're determined to beat this disease, Luke. The mind is a poweful thing. And with so many people (family,friends & strangers alike) praying for you, leukemia doesn't stand a chance. Plus a family like yours behind you,.... you're a very lucky & loved young man.
    Tell your Mom I'm sorry for making her cry.....I can't stop thinking about you, too.
    I pray you have a good week.
    jennifer marrero