Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday February 15

Luke continues to do well. He tires easily but that's not unexpected. He was experiencing an irregular heart beat Sunday night. Doctors had him coming in Monday morning to check him out. They were sure what he was experiencing was from his blood pressure creeping up as an effect of chemo. Looking at his blood pressure since chemo started there was a definite upward trend. For now blood pressure is not at a level requiring medication - just going to watch salt in his diet.

Appetite is still good. He is experiencing some indigestion, but is countering that by eating slower or as he says savoring his food more.

Ian and Caroline visited Saturday and brought with them a load of valentines. It took Luke more than an hour to go through the valentines and they were appreciated! Caroline also provided salon services and provided Luke a little trim around the ears.

Luke's collection of dew-rags is growing, he now has dew-rags with matching bandannas for Bailey dog.


  1. Ahh YESS finally a picture of the mohawk!
    Glad to hear everything's still going well - unfortunately I couldn't find any pinatas to drop by for Luke before I scooted back up to Canadia, but hey- there's always spring break.
    Y'all are in my thoughts- keep the faith and stay strong. :)

    - Olivia

  2. Hi, honey. Sure approve of the "do" -- as in hair-do. I'm thinking of you constantly and hope you can "feel" me there with you. Keep up the excellent outlook on your quest to regain your health. Also, sorry I missed your call on Friday evening. Mikey and I were at the school play, Footloose -- his girlfriend is the lead, Ariel. It was outstanding.

    Love you,
    Aunt Jaquita

    P.S. Where is the head gear I sent? Hmmmmm?
    I bet perhaps Bailey is wearing it, right?

  3. My creation is beautiful!!!
    It was great seeing you! :)