Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's T Day

Here we go; it's time for a BMT! Kendall had an eventful day yesterday. Her original draw for her t-cells was contaminated in the lab requiring them to draw more t-cells yesterday. Before the draw her hemoglobin was <9, 14-16 is normal. After they removed the equivalent of another unit of blood from Kendall’s veins she got a bit pale and light headed requiring the administration of smelling salts and cold compresses. Following recovery Tony wheel chaired Kens to the car and we deposited her on the home front couch for an afternoon nap. Kendall feasted on a gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Tony. Dinner was followed by ice cream and what was described as a rather sensual foot massage after which Kendall returned to full vitality. It was an early morning. Kendall checked in at the OR at 5:30. The procedure started at 8:22 and is expected to take two hours. After turning her hip bone into what was described as swiss cheese drawing the bone marrow out, Kendall will get the two units of the blood MDA relieved her of last week. Luke had a good day. Played guitar with the music therapist, ate well and toured the floor pulling his IV’s. He was started on the drugs to impede his cells from doing combat with Kendall’s bone marrow. He was told that he will be on those drugs for at least a year. Kate arrived Sunday. She bonded with the Lukester and spent the night in his room. Kate and Luke remained sound asleep well after our 5:30 arrival. As of yet we do not have a time for transplant but will keep you posted. Luck Feukemia!

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  1. Luke, we are Kendall's colleagues back in Denver. We wish the best of luck today and hope that all goes smoothly!