Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Luke has been transplanted!

For as little as she is Kendall provided an abundance of bone marrow. The Doctor harvested over a liter. Kendall was under for an hour and in the recovery room until 3.  She made it up to see Luke and then headed home to sleep..  She is going to be sore but  has a smile on her face

Luke’s transplant started at 2 PM.  The bone marrow was blessed and then hung. The bone marrow was drip feed so it took over 5 hours to get it all into his veins. The transplant went well. There were no signs of an allergic reaction which is a good start. Counts are starting to drop with white cells taking the biggest hit. Luke’s coloring is on the pale side but that’s to be expected. The only change reported by Luke after have received Kendall’s bone marrow was the urge to pee from the seated position ……….……go figure


Luke is in trouble the next few weeks having his three sisters in Houston. Like when he was a mere child his sisters would dress him up. Well dressing him up has continued! 

 We have been blessed!


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