Sunday, December 15, 2013

Transplant Day 5

Many of the transplant issues Luke was told about are starting to show up.  The major one is the digestive tract.  Luke is having a lot of pain from sores in his mouth, esophagus and stomach.  Without white cells the lining of his gut is blistering up and becoming inflamed.  

This is consistent with what everyone he has talked to has told him, starting day 4 or 5 until he starts producing white cell (~day 14) is a difficult time.  He is dealing with nausea, but for now the itching and headache have seem to have taken a back seat.     

It's dilaudid for the pain.  Blood counts have tanked.  Platelet transfusions have started.  Expect that red cells won't be far behind.  In addition to all the IV meds breakfast is at least a dozen pills.  

Luke was able to eat soft food last night and keep it down. Not a lot of sleep last night.

Eric came by with a few fun hats.  Dr. Lee from transplant said by mid week the natural head cover will probably be gone and Luke may want a hat. 



Friday Luke helped out the music therapist and played Xmas songs for the pediatric floor.  Show lasted about 90 minutes and it was a great diversion for Luke and the kids.      

After a great deal of contemplation and thought Dr. Lee volunteered that Luke reminded him of David Crowder.  I'll let you be the judge.            

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