Monday, December 2, 2013

Transplant -9 days

I was a good day.  Luke is ready to get through this; his spirits are high and his appetite is good.

Accomplishments today included playing an engagement with the music therapist for the younger pediatric patients (I may of misunderstood what I was told but I believe the highlight of gig was an original Christmas carol about noodles) followed by the creation of an Xmas wreath for what has been renamed the "housepickle" room door.

The steel pedal is up and operating and no complaints from the hall.

Kendall will be staying in Houston until after they draw her bone marrow. She is already down three units of blood.  Over a five day period last week they withdrew 2 units of blood to transfuse back to her after they take her bone marrow. They also pulled the equivalent of a unit of blood harvesting her t-cells. Luke is going to participate in a clinical trial involving t-cells. They are going to use Kendall's t-cell which will be genetically modified to kill any cancer cells which may remain in Luke's system after the BMT.

Beth and Kate will be arriving in the next few days so Luke needs to get conditioned for mothering  as the Gayle and 3 sister can deliver a heavy dose.  

Will see what BMT -8 days brings tomorrow.. 

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