Thursday, December 12, 2013

Transplant Day 2

Wow, life is good.  Things at MDA are going very well.  As expected Luke's blood counts are dropping, white count is leading the way.  Luke is feeling good, eating and staying active.  His only complaints are a headache, queasy stomach and mouth sores.   Hair has not been displaced, but its coming.   

Luke was active yesterday.  Each year the Lombardi award candidates and Miss Texas visit MDA. In past years Luke got in his tux and attended the actual award ceremony.  This year it was just a meet and greet on floor 9 at MDA.  Luke is the one with the glasses.  Adri - you're over and above Miss Texas!

Tony and Kendall, the bone marrow machine, returned to Denver this afternoon.  Kendall was pretty sore yesterday.  She did decline an offer to put a picture of her two back side puncture wounds on the blog.  In the end, no pun intended, we were blessed to have a match in the family with an employer that gave the the flexibility to come to Houston.  Tony and Kens, we love you guys.  

Beth and Kate will remain to cater to Luke's every whim and desire, but if Luke keeps doing as well as he is that may be short lived. 

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