Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Transplant -7 Days

Today was chemo day 1.  Three more days to go.  Luke tolerated the day well.  He felt a little funky in the afternoon and had a headache but no nausea, yahoo!. 

Attitude is great.  He is walking the hallways, playing guitar and working on lung function to keep the pneumonia at abeyance.  

Tony and Beth arrive in town tomorrow evening so Luke will have two new sources of irritation.  

Have a trivia question for you.  What cancer patient and his dog are pictured in the 20' mural on the second floor at MDA?  Hint - the dog is black.     

Blood drive is Saturday.  Walk ins are welcome.  After 2:30 would be the best time for walk ins but no one will be turned away.  When you mix holidays and cancer blood supply takes a hit and MDA needs all the platelets and red blood they can get. 

Take care


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