Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Transplant +7

Picture this. A darkened hospital room.  Patient in pain and drowsy from narcotics. Two young attractive child life therapists silently enter the room.  They nudge Luke and ask "Luke what do you what for Xmas?".  He slowly opens his eyes and the question gets repeated "Luke what do you want for Xmas?" but this time they add "Luke listen to us, the MDA pediatric floor has a donor that is financially well that wishes to grant cancer patients their Christmas wish." 

Upon hearing the last statement Luke was aroused from his narcotic stupor and groggily rambled off guitar strings and song books to which the child life gals responded, "Luke, you did not hear us, there is a donor out there that is in a position to grant you your fondest wish, think about this, do not be shy".

Luke thought for a few seconds and replied "please let me think about this.  May I suggest you give me your email address you will have my list in an hour".  Well it took three hours for Luke to prepare his list and after seeing the child life rep in the hall who told him she has not received his email, the list was sent! 

WHAT A WAKE UP CALL!  Don't know what was on the list but there may be a Santa Clause!.

Now to the mundane, aside from producing an Xmas list, medically Luke kept busy.  Counts continue to drop.  No white cell, platelets at 20 vs 140 normal, hemoglobin at 8 vs. 16 normal.   He got another unit of platelets. upped his pain meds and started neupogen to accelerate white blood cell production.  Continuing with the tacro to combat organ rejection.  Gut pain is the biggest issue.  Tossed a little bit of blood up this morning but doctors were not concerned, as torn up as Luke's gut is some blood is expected.  Luke is starting to loose his hair.  Tired.  Has some appetite but the mouth sores make eating difficult.

Other than preparing an Xmas list Luke tossed the pigskin with Kareem Jackson from the Texans (as before Luke is the one in the glasses).  Luke also built a ginger bread house with his new best friend Jessie.  Jessie is 6 years old and Luke shared construction of his GB house with her as they ran out of kits before Jessie arrived.

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